Find Out More About Nebraska Animal Medical And Emergency Center

Nebraska Animal Medical And Emergency Center is a group of talented veterinary professionals and support staff who are compassionate, caring, gentle, knowledgeable, and thorough. The unique qualities staff members possess make them a valuable part of our team.

In all we do, Nebraska Animal Medical And Emergency Center strives to be the leader in our field and offer the most advanced health care to our patients, acting with the best interest of our patients and their families. We are dedicated to our clients, caring about the well-being of our patients and educating pet owners about optimum
health care for their pets.

We have a great deal of compassion for our patients and clients. Our primary focus is the well-being of your pet in a friendly, calm environment where you both can feel comfortable. We treat you and your pet as family, the way we would expect to be treated.

Veterinary Staff Education

Education is a key in our mission to provide the very best care for pets and their people. Nebraska Animal Medical And Emergency Center will provide optimum health care and education so that you can make informed decisions regarding veterinary care for your pets. Because education is the means to happy, healthy pets, we also provide continual education for our staff so that they can best serve the public, touching lives and strengthening the human’animal bond.

Community Involvement

We take pride and joy in our service to the community. Nebraska Animal Medical And Emergency Center actively contributes through involvement, education, supporting local organizations and mentorship programs, and volunteering to make our community a better place for people and animals.

NAMC Is Green!

We want you to know that Nebraska Animal Medical And Emergency Center has chosen to be a good steward to our earth and environment.


Paper, aluminum and tin cans, plastic, cardboard, office supplies such as printer cartridges, packing peanuts, and more are all recycled. We even will accept your old towels and blankets, in good condition, for use in our facility. Don’t throw them away, bring them to us!


We use green products for cleaning and disinfecting. These are safer for your pets, our staff, and our world.