Amy A.

Amy moved from Denver, Colorado to Lincoln, NE to be with her boyfriend, Nate, and his two daughters Aria and Mia. She joined our team in November of 2016. Together they have an Australian Shepard named Jaina Proudmoore, a Sheltie named Timothy Dinkladge and two cats, Brock Samson & Charles Bronson. Amy met Nate at the Denver Comic Book Convention scene. He is a comic book artist and she was a celebrity assistant. Her hobbies include taking her pups to the dog park, hiking, reading, playing video games and general “nerdery”!

Jacye L.

Jayce is from Salem, Oregon and joined our Pet Care team in July 2017. She and her husband, Dana, have 3 children named Myles, Dylan and Kaitlyn. They share their home with 3 huskies (Luke,Leia & Storm) and 5 cats (Tiger, Red, Sassi, Mylo & Lucifer). In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, being walked by her huskies, reading and snuggling with her cats.

Jessica C.

Jessica is from Lincoln and joined our Pet Care team in April of 2016. Jessica attends Wayne State College where she is majoring in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. She has two dogs, Louie (Lhasa Apso) and Kobi (Chow Collie X). She also has 4 cats – Terk, Titan, Nova and Kaymen. Jessica loves spending time outdoors, whether she is hiking or swimming and tubing at the lake. She also loves spending time with her nieces and nephews. Jessica loves working at NAMC and has grown very close to the pets that come to daycare and she loves meeting new furry faces!

Shiloh H.

Shiloh is from Lincoln and joined our Pet Care team in March 2018. The most important thing to Shiloh is family. She is a twin and is very close to her sister. She shares her home with a lab and a corgi as well as 4 cats. Shiloh has been around animals since she was born and still can’t get enough of them! All of her free time is spent at home or in barns across Lincoln. She leases a horse and enjoys riding him.

Taylor P.

Taylor joined our pet care team in August 2018. She is form Lincoln and is currently attending UNL and is pursuing a degree in Psychology and Criminology. Taylor has 2 fur babies – a Puggle named Josie and a Chocolate Lab named Chayse. She is an avid animal lover and has had dogs, cats, horses, gerbils and rabbits. In her free time, Taylor enjoys traveling, snowboarding, and cheering for the Huskers!

Toria B.

Toria joined out Pet Care Team in September 2018. She is originally from Roseland, Nebraska. Toria has an older brother and sister. She has been living in Lincoln and going to school for psychology and biology. Toria has a black cat named Tula who is a feisty, fat ball of fun! In her free time she enjoys watching movies and playing sand volleyball.

Danielle E.

Danielle is from Arapahoe, Nebraska and joined our Pet Care Team January of 2019. Danielle is currently a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln majoring in Animal Science with a Pre-Vet focus. At her home in Arapahoe, she owns a horse, an llama, and a cat. Staying with her here in Lincoln, she has a corgi named Asher. In her spare time she enjoys riding her horse Sassy.