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Parasite Prevention in Lincoln: What Pet Owners Should Know

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Part of being a responsible pet owner is protecting your pet from things that can harm them, including parasites. April is National Heartworm Awareness Month and Prevention Lyme Disease in Dogs Month and an excellent time to reflect on the importance of parasite prevention. While these events focus on two parasites - ticks and heartworm - there are all sorts of other nasty critters that can plague your pet. Keep reading to learn more about parasite prevention in Lincoln from the Nebraska Animal Medical and Emergency Center veterinarians.

Common Dog and Cat Parasites

Several parasites commonly plague dogs and cats. Heartworm is a particularly nasty one that takes up residence in the lungs and heart and causes fatigue, coughing, and general unwellness. Intestinal parasites - including hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms, are common internal parasites and can cause everything from digestive upset to anemia.

External parasites - like fleas and ticks - feast on pets’ blood. Fleas cause unbearable itchiness, and infestations can lead to skin infections, allergic reactions, and anemia. And ticks are well-known for transmitting severe illnesses like Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and more.

Though these parasites are common, they are preventable. And here at Nebraska Animal Medical and Emergency Center, we believe that preventing infestations is the best way to protect your pet.

Parasite Prevention in Lincoln

When you bring your furry friend to us for parasite prevention in Lincoln, we will provide effective products for keeping pests at bay. Purchasing these products directly from a veterinarian guarantees authenticity and ensures that the right products and dosages are used for each pet.

We also offer heartworm testing as well as treatment for existing parasites. No matter what type of care your beloved companion needs, we are here to help them live a healthy, happy, and parasite-free life. To schedule an appointment or request additional information, please contact us today.