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About Mobile Vet

Nebraska Animal Medical Center offers mobile veterinary services for your convinience!

Convenient services!

Is it difficult for you to bring your pet into the clinic for routine exams and vaccinations? If you share your home with a cat, you know how difficult it can be to put them in a carrier or get them into your car. If you have a large dog and a smaller car, it can be just as difficult…and the ride in the car can be just as traumatic for you as it is for your pet! We recognize the challenges of bringing your pet in to see the veterinarian. Therefore, in order to assist pet owners who are unable to bring their pets in or prefer the convenience of a house call, we are pleased to announce that we are now offering Mobile House Call Services! If you are searching for a mobile vet in Lincoln, we’d be more than happy to provide the care your pet needs in the comfort of your home.

Our Mobile Services

When you schedule a mobile appointment for your pet, one of our doctors will come to your residence to examine or treat them. When we examine your pet in their own environment, they may feel more secure, and they get the same quality care they would receive at the clinic. Our van is stocked with all the equipment and medications necessary to allow the doctor to treat your pet. When you have made the difficult decision to put your pet to sleep, our Mobile House Call Services allow a doctor to come to your house and perform the euthanasia in the quiet, comfortable surroundings of your home.

We're Here for You

We are here to make your life less complicated and to help the pets in our care. We feel this service is just one more thing we can do to assist you. We have a reasonable fee schedule for our mobile house calls and can discuss and give you an estimate for the services you are requesting when you call.

Mobile Vet in Lincoln

Don’t stress about taking your pet to the vet. Choose us as your mobile vet in Lincoln instead! If you feel you would benefit from using the Nebraska Animal Medical and Emergency Care mobile vet service, we welcome you to call our clinic at (402) 423-9100. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and can schedule an appointment for your pet at a time that is convenient for you. Nebraska Animal Medical and Emergency Center is a mobile vet serving Lincoln, Omaha, and the surrounding Nebraska areas.