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Mobile Cat Calls

We understand the struggles of bringing your cat to the veterinarian which is why we can come to you!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the doctor come to you?

We all know the challenges of bringing cats in to see the veterinarian. We had requests for house calls and offered them on a limited basis. These requests became more numerous and NAMEC Mobile House Call Services are now available! For mobile cat calls in Lincoln and the surrounding areas, contact us today!

What to Expect

When you schedule your cat’s appointment, one of our doctors will come to your residence to examine and/or treat your cat. In their own environment, your cat may feel more secure and it can be much less stressful for them and you. We have the mobile clinic well stocked with the equipment and medications needed for the doctor to treat your cat. Your cat will receive the same quality care they would receive at the clinic. If the doctor feels the cat needs more intensive care or additional services that can only be done at the clinic, we can transport your cat for you and return them when they have completed their treatment.

Mobile Cat Calls in Lincoln

Taking your cat to the vet can be extremely stressful, both for you and your feline friend. By taking advantage of our mobile services, you can get your cat the care they need without leaving the comfort of your own home. To learn more about our mobile cat calls in Lincoln, Omaha, and the surrounding areas, contact us today! You can schedule an “at home” appointment by calling (402) 423-9100. Nebraska Animal Medical and Emergency Center offers mobile cat calls for residents of Lincoln, Omaha, and the surrounding Nebraska areas.