Pet loss is a difficult experience. Nebraska Animal Medical And Emergency Center knows that losing your special pet can be like losing a member of your family. Our entire staff appreciates your need for compassion at this time of change and transition. Caring for animals and the people who love them at this uncomfortable time requires special attention.

“They wrap their tails around our hearts,” Dr. Forney says, and that is why their loss cuts us so deeply. Because the loss of your pet may be one of the most traumatic events you experience, our entire staff takes the time to communicate and empathize with you. We will make a paw print of your pet with his or her name and the dates of his or her life. Our entire staff signs and sends a condolence card.

Compassion at the End of Your Pet’s Life

The veterinarians at Nebraska Animal Medical And Emergency Center will give you time to make thoughtful decisions and a chance to say goodbye. We have a dedicated Comfort Room for you and your pet, and will be attentive to you and respect your wishes. This experience will be as peaceful as possible for both you and your pet. When the time is right, we can provide humane euthanasia, during which you can choose to be present or not.

Our doctors and staff will do everything to keep your pet comfortable at the end of his or her life. Nebraska Animal Medical And Emergency Center veterinarians are compassionate, attentive, and informative, helping you to make the decisions that are right for you and your pet. We offer ways to keep your pet comfortable either at home or at our hospital.

Please contact us today if you have any questions.