It’s exciting when you welcome a new puppy or kitten to your home, and Nebraska Animal Medical And Emergency Center wants to help you keep him or her happy and healthy. The best way to do this is to start at the beginning with an examination as soon as possible after your new pet joins your family.

Early intervention can help reduce the chance of serious illness. We always prefer preventing illness to having to treat a resulting illness. We will recommend the appropriate vaccinations for your pet’s age and situation. Vaccinations are a simple way to protect against disease and help ensure your pet can grow to be a happy, healthy adult.

These early visits also are useful to begin desensitization of the nails and teeth to help avoid later problems with dental examinations or regular nail trims. We are happy to instruct you with the right methods of pet care to assist you in instilling good behavior.

When You Choose a Puppy

Be prepared for several weeks to months of house training and some initial medical expenses for wellness exams, vaccinations, and spaying or neutering. Planning for your puppy to arrive when there is sufficient time to socialize and house train will result in your puppy learning faster and being more likely to grow into the adult dog you’ve always wanted. Nebraska Animal Medical And Emergency Center offers both puppy classes and puppy daycare. These are a great way to socialize your new companion and help him or her learn some basic commands. Frequent, positive contact with people and other dogs early in your puppy’s life enhances his or her future interactions with your family, other people, and their dogs.

Behavior and Nutrition Information About Your Kitten or Puppy

Any dog can become bored and potentially destructive if left alone all day without an outlet for exercise, exploration, and socialization. Set aside time each day for activities that are fun for you and your dog, such as a walk, playing, petting, or grooming. Dogs are highly social creatures, and isolating a dog in the backyard with no interaction is one of the worst things you can do.

Because pet obesity is such a health problem, we are happy to talk about nutrition issues with you to make sure that your new family member gets a good start. Feeding your pet the right kind and amount of food from the beginning will help to prevent health problems caused by nutritional deficits or being overweight.

Nebraska Animal Medical And Emergency Center’s veterinarians will work with you as your pet grows from a puppy into a healthy adult, and then matures to be a happy and faithful senior pet, living a healthy, long, and happy life.