Wellness means keeping your pet healthy. At Nebraska Animal Medical And Emergency Center, preserving your family pet’s health is our goal. Wellness examinations let us assess your pet’s well-being and give us a baseline on which we can measure changes in your pet’s health. Because pets age 7 years to our 1 year, prevention is so important. Your pet’s annual wellness exam plays a crucial role in making sure that he or she lives a long, happy life.

Our Partnership of Care

We will talk with you about behavioral issues and nutrition strategies, especially if your pet is overweight. During your pet’s regular examinations, Nebraska Animal Medical And Emergency Center’s veterinarians will show you symptoms of health problems to look for and we’ll listen carefully to your questions and observations. Because we see your pet for only a short time, we look forward to forming a partnership with you. What you observe at home can be a key to better health for your pet.