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Behavioral Training

We design personally tailored behavioral training programs to nourish healthy relationships with pet companions and their owners for life.

Is your pet’s behavior driving you crazy?

Is your fur baby keeping you up at night? Are you worried about and/or embarrassed by your pet? Are you to the breaking point and considering finding your pet a new home or even euthanasia? Please don’t. There is help! Behavior problems in our pets are the number one reason pet owners relinquish ownership. A majority of pet behavior problems are rooted in the pet’s anxiety and/or fear. The outward expression of anxiety and/or fear may cause a pet to vocalize, show aggression, destroy the pet owner’s property, and show other behavioral issues that aren’t easy to understand or manage. It may look like the pet is jealous or “getting back at the owner” but, in most cases, that’s probably not the case. At Nebraska Animal Medical and Emergency Center, Dr. Chad Cosgrove provides professional pet behavior modification training in Lincoln to help make living with your furry friend a bit easier.

Understanding Pet Behavioral Problems

When we undertake pet behavior problems, our goals are to: 

  • Make a diagnosis

  • Educate the owner

  • Find a treatment to help the situation

  • Follow-up (which is extremely important)

Diagnosis begins with having the owner complete a questionnaire giving information about the pet’s history, current living conditions, owner behavioral concerns, and more. Another helpful step is gathering a short video of the pet behavioral problem. The more information you can provide, the better. Once the questionnaire is completed, a one-hour consultation appointment will be scheduled. At that appointment, the pet receives a thorough physical exam. We may run some lab work, too, and the owner will go home with a plan to start managing the pet’s inappropriate behavior. A typical plan includes relaxation techniques, trigger avoidance, and anti-anxiety medications. Keep in mind, however, that each plan is customized to meet the unique needs of the pet.

We help you with your pet's behavior problems

If you need help with your pet’s behavior, we are here to help you get through the tough spots.

You can be sure that your dog or cat will behave properly in all kinds of situations when you take advantage of Nebraska Animal Medical And Emergency Center’s obedience training classes. You can go beyond Puppy Kindergarten and take part in Dog Obedience Class. Important commands, such as sit, stay, heal, and come, are taught. These skills can be practiced at home with your dog and lead to a much happier walk down your street.

Pet Behavior Training in Lincoln

Whether you need help dealing with problematic behaviors or you would just like to improve your pet’s manners, we can help. To learn more about obedience and behavior training in Lincoln, Omaha, and the surrounding areas, call 402-423-9100 to set up a Behavior appointment or to talk with Dr. Cosgrove. Nebraska Animal Medical and Emergency Center offers pet behavior training in Lincoln, Omaha, and throughout Nebraska.