Grooming for All Kinds of Pets

Nebraska Animal Medical And Emergency Center offers full-service grooming to keep your pet looking and feeling great. Whether you have a cat or dog our experienced groomers can do all the clips and cuts your pet might need. A standard grooming includes a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression (if requested), and a complete brush out.

Grooming charges vary by breed, type of haircut, and the size of your pet. Our groomers are also pleased to educate you on what kind of home grooming care is best for your pet.

Pet Grooming Services Offered

Pet Bathing – We use the HydroSurge® bathing system for all baths. It thoroughly and gently massages the shampoo into your pet’s fur. Specialty shampoos are available upon request.

Haircuts – Our professional pet groomers can groom all breeds of cats and dogs, from domestic shorthairs to Persians and from Chihuahuas to Newfoundlands.

Nail Trims and Nail Grinding’These help ensure proper foot health. Nail trims are available for pets by the Nebraska Animal Medical And Emergency Center grooming team even when they are here for a visit other than grooming. Nail grindings or filings require the use of a special filing tool that leaves your pet’s nails smooth and round. This procedure is available to all pets. Please ask a member of our grooming team for more information.

Shed-Less®’Shed-Less is a special program we use to lessen shedding. After bathing your pet with a special conditioner to loosen the hair, he or she is blown dry with a high-powered dryer. When completely dry, the groomers use a special brush on your pet to get rid of loose hair. This procedure reduces shedding by 60-80%.