The Nebraska Animal Medical And Emergency Center is able treat your pet with the cold laser. This technique originated in Europe and Russia, where it has been utilized for many years on human patients. Physicians and chiropractors have used it successfully on professional and Olympic athletes for pain relief as well as to improve their bodies’ ability to heal.

Instead of cutting like the focused beam laser that is used in surgery, the cold laser provides energy in the form of light waves that affects the production of endorphins and relieves pain. Injured cells stimulated this way heal at a faster rate. What this means for your pet is that he or she can heal more quickly and comfortably.

Because of the ability to reduce inflammation and relieve pain, the cold laser is the latest technology in veterinary care for:

  • Arthritis / degenerative joint disease
  • Pain relief and faster healing after surgery
  • Ear infections and inflammation
  • Back pain
  • Various skin conditions (hot spots, lick granulomas)
  • Faster healing from traumatic injuries

The cold laser is non-invasive and the treatment is painless. It has the added advantage that there are none of the potentially dangerous side effects associated with drugs. When used after a surgical procedure, the cold laser reduces pain, inflammation, and swelling. The cold laser is an amazing and effective tool for pain management and arthritis.